Simplified view of the model of DataHub database

Some of the most relevant database tables in DataHub model: partial view.

How to deploy FAIRDOM-SEEK as DataHub

As system administrator, you have access to the Server admin panel. You can go to the Server admin panel by selecting your Name/account at the top right corner and selecting “Server admin” from the dropdown menu.

The following configuration settings must be applied the Server admin page.

Enable/disable features

SEEK services

All seetings enabled, except for

  • Omniauth enabled
  • FAIR Signposting Enabled

SEEK features

Do not select

  • Internal help enabled and provide the Help URL

Resource Type

All settings enabled, except for

  • Programmes open for Projects enabled
  • Workflows enabled


All settings disabled, except for

  • Single page enabled
    • Advanced features enabled
  • Sample type Template enabled

Site branding

  • Name: DataHub
  • Link to:
  • Issue tracker link: ?
  • Instance administrator name: ELIXIR Belgium
  • Instance administrator link:
  • Header logo image enabled with DataHub logo (link to JPEG or PNG file)
  • Header image alternative title: DataHub
  • Enable
    • Terms and Conditions enabled (link to file?)
    • Privacy policy enabled (link to file?)
  • Enable
    • “About” the instance enabled
    • “About” the instance administrator enabled


General settings

Session store timeout (minute): 60

All disabled, except for

  • Cache remote files
    • Maximum file size (bytes): 20971520
    • Hard maximum file size (bytes): 104857600

Policy and license settings

Settings For Default Permissions

  • Default permissions option for all visitors, including those without a login: No access
  • Default permissions option for members of associated Projects: View summary and get contents

Permission Limits: maximum permission option for all visitors, including those without a login

  • View summary and get contents

Default License: the default license to use when one is not specified by a Projects

  • Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Recommended data licenses: the licenses to recommend when data, such as a Data file or Document, is registered

  • CC0 1.0
  • Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
  • Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0
  • Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0

Recommended software licenses: the licenses to recommend when software such as a Workflow, is registered:

  • GNU General Public License 3.0
  • GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1

Permissions Summary Settings: choose when/if to display the “Preview of your sharing settings” pop-up when creating or updating a resource

  • Always show

Authorization update batch size: the number of authorization updates to process per cycle of the job

  • 10

Registration settings

All disabled.

Homepage Settings

All disabled, except

  • Announcement enabled
  • Home page description: provide text
  • Home page description position: The location of the home page description
    • Right side
  • Tag cloud enabled: Display the tag cloud on the right-hand side of the home page.
  • Tag threshold: Tags must have a count above or equal to this value to appear in either expanded or collapsed right-hand tag cloud
    • 1
  • Maximum visible tags: The maximum number of tags that will appear in the right-hand tag cloud in its collapsed state.
    • 20


All enabled.

Paging/Sorting behaviour

Index Pages

  • Default items per page: The number of items shown per page on index pages by default.
    • 7
  • Default items per page in condensed views: The number of items shown per page on index pages by default in condensed views.
    • 14


  • Related items limit: The number of items per category displayed in the “Related items” section, before the user has to click the “View all…” link.
    • 5
  • Search results limit: The number of search results per category displayed when performing a general search, before the user has to click the “View all…” link.
    • 5